Since its foundation in 2003, ECS has placed its focus on medical shipments and the transportation of life saving products.

ECS is a subsidiary of Ontime Courier in Munich and provides over 15 years experience and specialized knowledge in the field of transportation logistics. This unique cooperation ensures the most reliable service more diverse skill set.

Our Services

We offer services from and to each location on the globe. Our goal is to create the best and fastest route for each "Life Science" shipment.

An extraordinary high level of trustworthiness ensures also, that transports requested on short notice will be carried out quickly and reliably from pickup to delivery.

For over 15 years, our team stands for the highest quality, with absolute reliability and flexibility. Our national and international customers appreciate the individual guidance we provide while transporting their products.

Our References

The high quality standard to which we commit ourselves reflects in the intensive, long-term partnership we have with our customers.

Numerous national and international Bone Marrow Registries, Collection and Transplant Centers have entrusted their diagnostic samples and life-saving transplants to our organizations and couriers for over a decade. Never satisfied with the status quo, we permanently work to improve our service in accordance with all national and international standards and even beyond.

The success of our philosophy of quality is reflected by a continuously growing number of customers, who put their faith and trust in our performance in ordering our services.

Our Team

In order to handle your transportation needs, we support you with a team of experts 24/7/365.

By calling our special emergency telephone numbers you receive competent support immediately in any matter.

Our team members focus on ongoing training and professional improvement in order to provide most competent service. Additionally we have close collaboration with our colleagues from donor and patient organizations. Our main focus is to incorporate into our customer´s point of view in order to gain a better understanding of their needs.

When you are interested in our services, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

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